What was the best day of your life?

I was recently asked “what was the best day of your life?” It seems like such a simple question doesn’t it? Until I thought about it. It’s actually quite hard to pick an answer when using the word ‘best’ to describe it. Best can mean so many different things. Was it the day you most enjoyed? Succeeded? Learned? Endured?

I’ve decided that overall the best day of my life was the day I enjoyed the most. The day I will remember clearly forever. The day way back in early 2010 when I married my pretty spunky husband.

Why? Well we laughed together, we held hands and told each other how much we loved the other. He looked fantastic in his black suit. I felt beautiful in my perfect dress. We watched the sun set over the vineyard we were married next to and danced the night away surrounded by our most special friends and family.


A day that was pretty much perfect, went almost entirely to plan and was the starting point of our family. There is not one thing I would have changed. I don’t look back and think “I could have done that better”. That’s got to be pretty hard to beat.

But then Miss Ella showed up in the middle of 2011. That day I learned more than I had ever learned in my life. I learned just how supportive my husband was. The amazing things my body could achieve. Just how much mentally I could cope with. I learned that I was a million times stronger than I realised. Ella arrived and I realised what motherly love was. Did I feel beautiful? No. Did my husband look as good as he did on our wedding day? No. It was just us two, then three, going through the most extreme test we had ever been through. And we passed. That day was a very special day to me. Becoming a mother was the proudest day of my life. But not the best day.

A few years later in 2013 Miss Sophie entered our world. That day will go down as the hardest, yet most rewarding day of my life. She really tested my will power and strength. I have never tried so hard to achieve something in my life. I looked worse than last time, felt exhausted and turned into quite a crazed lunatic. It is really amazing how as soon as your baby is placed into your arms, all that hard work and craziness is forgotten as you fall in love. Again. How is it even possible to be in love with three separate human beings? Well I don’t know the answer to that, but all I can say is that it happens. I’m sure it will happen again once this baby arrives too.

The days that I delivered our girls were amazingly special, but laced with many aspects that I have wanted to forget. Bits that I know I could have handled better. In saying that however, the moments when they were placed in my arms were the best two moments of my life. But if I’m searching for the best whole day then it was definitely our wedding day.

I dare you to pick the best day of your life. Go on. It’s really nice to go back in time and reflect.